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  1. So apparently the drum is supposed to have teeth all the way thru as well..... Guess it's a good thing i changed it out, works like New again!!
  2. Yes, literally they is maybe a 1/4" of teeth at the very end of the drum where it slides onto the axle, the rest of the "sleeve" where it slides over the axle is completely smooth. That's why i was asking if the new drums have more teeth on them. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!
  3. So i messed with it a little more. If i crank down on the hub nut the teeth grab but barely, that's what led to me changing the axle out too start with, the splines on the axle rounded over. I just can't believe there's 2 inches of spline on the axle and not even 1/4" of teeth on the drum.
  4. Ok, so not the teeth, as i said i can turn the drum around and it slides right on. Not brakes I've double checked that as well as removed three brakes to see if it would go on. I've beat three back plate with a mini sledge a few times as well. Maybe i need to do more. Had anyone replaced the drums though? Haved they changed the design so instead of a row of teeth smaller than corn kernels the teeth go back in the shaft further??
  5. Shad


  6. Hey y'all, just finished replacing my rear right axle on my 99 mule 550. The old one teeth rounded out where the brake drum grabs it. But now i can't get the drum to seat on the new axle far enough, yes i put axles side by side, identical, i can reverse the drum and it slides right on the axle so i know it goes on fine. It's a really bad design anyways with such a tiny line of teeth to rely on to drive the wheel. Does anyone know if the new brake drums have deeper teeth to grab more of the axle?? Or any ideas why im having a hard time with this damn thing?

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