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  2. Joe, have you had issues with the transmission linkage? My shifter won't go into low and I read that the linkage is adjustable. Any experience with that?
  3. So I think I got lucky and got all the air out. It's circulating now and I jumped the fan so it would run whenever the key is on to help keep it cool. Currently running a cool two to three bars out of five. Thanks for the help!
  4. Thanks for your reply, no water in the oil. But there was oil in the coolant. I found out the hard way that when you pull the water pump that you also drain the oil as they seem to share common seal. at any rate, the oil looks good. Can you describe the process that you go through to relieve the system of air in detail? I appreciate it
  5. I appreciate your input. I replaced that switch back several months ago when I first got the machine and it was running hot then. Turned out to be a stuck thermostat that time. The fan works when I put 12 volts to it so I believe what is happening is that the water in the radiator is not warming up therefore the fan is not coming on. Put a new water pump in over the weekend. I guess I'll try to burp it again
  6. thanks Joe... I know that there's a vent screw at the bottom of the water pump. Aside from taking the cap off of the radiator and the Overflow Reservoir are there other places that air can be bled?
  7. my radiator never gets hot so I don't understand how the fan can make a difference. The fan cools the radiator, right? I don't believe that the water ever circulates through my engine or the radiator and the hoses would warm up, wouldn't they?
  8. This looks to be a pretty common topic and I've had issues with mine overheating since I got it back around the end of 2019. Started running hot again, thermostat was not opening and they sent me a new one. Installed that, burped the system for air all to no avail. Next in line is the water pump to replace, they sent me a water pump and when I got the old one off it was not turning freely to say the least so I'm thinking that could have been my problem. My issue now is getting the slot in the water pump shaft to line up with the tab inside the engine of the machine. Any tricks to doing this? T
  9. Hello, just took delivery of this unit today and temp gauge shows it's running hot . Full of coolant. Fan isn't coming on although I can jump it. Relay and fuse are good. What else can it be? Thanks in advance!

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