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  2. Discovered and repaired the shifting problem. After removing the shift cable from the trans, found out the shift was still hard. replaced the cable, all's well now. Turns out the cable was up against the exhaust pipe and it melted the casing. Moved the new cable away as much as you can but will install some heat shields to prevent another recurrence.
  3. Didn't think it was the trans. The vibration and grinding is felt even when the engine is off. I think my next move is to take the cable off at the trans and see if the problem is still there.
  4. Just purchased a 2018 Hisun Sector 250. The gear shift is hard to engage. Tried depressing the brake pedal, no change. Tried with the engine running and turned off, no change. The gear shift cable, from the dash to the trans seems to be grinding. With my hand on the cable I can feel it grinding, vibrating, as the gear shift is moved up or down. Can this cable be removed and greased or does it just need to be replaced?

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