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  1. RS-232 yup, but I will be honest, we still use it in GPS hardware I work on, Serial with Baud Rates from 1hz to 20hz 19,200 to 115,400 its simple and it works! I am with you on the JD I refuse to own JD powered products, had JD techs tell me they don't like my stuff in there customers machines, it seems when some people get a job for a large manufacturer like that they loose all ability to think. This is why I will advocate for any company, but there service has to be good. more companies and brands in a market, the more diluted the presence of any one in particular. People like a s
  2. I have a OBD II Bluetooth Reader for my Car stuff, I understand its different, from Pictures It kinda looks like a RS-232 connector, but the machine is a fair way away, was kinda hoping to go to it with the tool first time, the local dealer is not being overly helpful or interested but he is 4 hours away from the machine. LIke everything else I do, I end up fixing myself, just a extension of my day job. Was hoping it would be a common reader ( I am was told its not OBD II, but hey i was also told the fault comes up on the dash and it doesn't on this one) if i can't find a reader I will
  3. Hey there tried to search the forum and come up with nothing, I know i have seen it here. What is the Delphi code reader needed to Diagnose a 2018 Hisun Sector 750, got one with spark, fuel and no run. bit bizzare. Would like to get a code reader from alixpress or amazon or something as we don't have a local dealer, can anyone help me with a part number, or know of a good unit that works? thanks very much Matthew

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