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  1. I have a 2018 Mossimo ALLI 700. Basically replaced everything. Worked directly with the great team at Motorcycle Doctor and SCAUTO. Replaced everything and for whatever reason the owner got into the UTV and drove it like he stole for 40 miles. Cannot stress enough if a buyer purchases a HISUN, BENNCHE or MOSSIMO off Walmart or Amazon they need strict break in instructions. Mossimo 700 would start with gas similar to a carburetor style setup. Please follow these steps if this is happening. 1. Do a compression check...If you are under 100psi you have something blown or broke on the main head 2. We had 90 PSI so we started with the valves to see if they are staying open by adjusting them. They were in spec and timing was on mark 3. Head was removed to inspect valve springs. All were tight but one was loose. On the 700 the springs are single stage so it's tricky if you have an older one with dual stage springs because one can be snapped. 4. In our case one of the single stage springs snapped and thank goodness nothing other than a broken spring created the lower compression. Spring replaced and valves readjusted running like a champ. You can feel a broken spring it will spin of feel loose versus all the good springs will be tight and not able to spin.

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