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  2. I’m not 100% positive I just went on eBay and got mine.
  3. On your solenoid you have a positive and negative run wire from each to a two prong push button once you do that and aslong as you don’t have a bad battery a your solenoid is good it will fire right up I attached a picture of a drawing that explains.
  4. It could be or it’s something in that stupid fuse box design where one of the relays are bad that you can’t replace you have to buy the whole box for $100 could be one of the relays not allowing the ignition to work properly. So that’s why I just ended up putting the button on it. Still have to have the key to start so it will do for me.
  5. @T-boss 410 I just drilled a hole in the dash and mounted push button there looks clean and works great. Cost me for switch and wire like $30
  6. No. I changed the ignition and solenoid with starter relay. Still nothing ended up going to auto parts store and buying a push button ran it straight to the solenoid so all I have to do is turn key on for fuel pump and all electrical stuff then push button and fires right up. Easy to do and now I don’t have a headache. Got tired of throwing money at it.
  7. I was thinking that when I had a buddy turn over the key and my power probe hooked to my solenoid its taking power away... so I don’t know if the points are bad in the ignition switch or my solenoid is bad? I have a solenoid on order I’ll change that if that don’t fix it then I’ll order a ignition switch.
  8. Yeah I checked all that. Can’t be loose because it fires right up when jumping the solenoid. Gonna mess with it more today after work. Will let you know if I find anything
  9. Massimo 500 will only crank when I jump solenoid with screwdriver cranks right up and runs great. But won’t start with key doesn’t do anything when I turn the key. Only thing it does is power everything as in dash and fuel pump then have to jump solenoid to crank up and drive.

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