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  2. Thanks so much K. I will tckle this job when I get back home. I'm working on a television show in the swamps of the everglades with the swamp people guys lol. I'll be back in toch once the hubs come off lol. Jeff
  3. You were the only reply lol. Haven't tackled the job yet
  4. I'm embarrassed to say but I'm 58 years old and I never changed drum brakes before lol. I have my mule that won't hold fluid. when I drive at top speed my brakes don't work. I can let off the gas and stop ok so that is all that I have been doing. There doesn't seem to be any leaks around maser cylinder. I'm dreading that I will screw something up trying to change the brakes. They have never been serviced. Only oil, fuel and air filter maintenance. I looked on youtube but no videos of this model online. I feel capable to do the job based on videos that I have seen with other drum changes

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