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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. thanks for all the info guys. i,ll take your suggestions and try them. the group i ride with are big into dessert racing. infact we host uor own race 2nd weekend in august. so we'll get this figured out, when we do i'll be sure to post it. by the way we don,t have a utv class for race YET.
  3. hi there i'm eric i'm new to the group,and a 2008 t2 owner. my buddy lance suggested that i join to see if ant one has an answer to my problem. after sitting over night my buggie wont start. i have to jump start it from an outside source. the starter cranks, the plugs are wet with fuel but no fire. i pulled the plugs, and with new ones tested for spark, they all 4 sparked, but no fire. i turned my fuel press. down to compensate for 7000+ elevation but still no good. i pulled the air inlet sensor and cleaned with electri. contact cleaner, no good. the only thing i can think of is

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