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  1. Thank you for information. Mine is 4wd. I ran it 10 miles yesturday. The more i ran it the better it ran after setting. Did have to use 4wd in trails but when i made it up the hill disengaged and made sure it was disengaged on display before taking off. I did however notice breaks seem spongy. I bled all tires twice before i went. Anybody had this problem?
  2. Hi all. Im new to the utv world. I just bought a 2014 Odes Raider 800. It has only 10.2 miles but has been sitting awhile. I want to change oil and front and rear differential oil. Cause it still has what ever they stuck in it from the dealership. Also what gas rating should I run in it. I figure mid or high test fuel. I downloaded the manual for it but it does not say what gear oils or or oil it runs. Thanks for any help and input.

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