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  1. No progress yet. I'll take a look at the fuel pressure. I watched it once I removed the fuel line from the injector. It looked good, but not a quantitative measurement. I borrowed a compression test gauge from a buddy and it was 25-30. I went ahead and adjusted the valves last night, but no luck. I'll definitely look at the fuel pressure and keep y'all update with any progress, or lack there of.
  2. I recently inherited a 2014 MCU 500. A nephew accidentally put diesel in the tank, proceeded to run it until it stalled out. We proceeded to empty the tank and put fresh gas in it. It ran maybe for 10 minutes then shut off. Haven’t been able to get it started since. That’s when I started to mess with it. This is what I’ve done so far. I might add I know the very basics of on engines so I thought I would come here and get some advice. - emptied tank and lines leading up to fuel. Filled and primed with new gas. -cleaned air in-take, it was pretty dirty. -did a full oil change. I felt like there was definitely diesel mixed in. -changed spark plug. Tested and working appropriately - tested fuel injector and it appears to be working That’s where I’m at so far and still nothing. At this point looking to see what the next steps would be in trying to diagnose what’s going on. Appreciate the help in advance. Thanks, Harrison

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