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  1. Well there were no flashing lights on the dash. We think we resolved it though, we replaced the injector and it's running much better. Maybe something got stuck in there? Hopefully it stops burning through plugs now. It still has it's hiccups like wants to stall if sitting idling sometimes and hot, and i stomped the throttle once when colder and it had a good bog. Definitely doesn't run like new.
  2. I haven't seen any blinking, no. I'll double check though.
  3. No sir. If this doesn't work I may go back and do valves another time, otherwise my guess is CDI or coil? Or we take it in to a dealer.
  4. Well we've done more troubleshooting and gotten no where. We ordered a new injector as we are still having issues. It tends to run a bit better when cold but quickly flops and loses power. I tried seafoam on the injector and blowing it out with air to no success. We are also replacing the fuel pump, as the line cracked on the top long ago, but I don't think that's it as it is getting plenty of fuel.
  5. My father in law just identified the spark plug cap was super loose, we may need to just replace the cap. Cross our fingers that it's as simple as this. Maybe it's working its way off somehow.
  6. OK, I'm thinking the same, start checking the hoses for blockage and check the sensors for resistance. How do you mean he found exhaust issues? Holes in the exhaust maybe? I will take a look there as well.
  7. Is there an OBD 2 port? If so I can plug a reader in as I have one. I wasn't aware there was one. It doesn't seem to smoke or use oil, hard to notice if it uses oil as we don't check that often since it doesn't see many hours.
  8. The plug was quite wet and black, running rich it seems. Sorry it's at the cabin, I can't take a photo now. It doesnt see many hours though, I'd guess under 500.
  9. Well it started running lousy again after a few hours. It seems like it just wants to foul plugs. I did the air filter and I cleaned the air temp/pressure sensor. Still no luck with this one. I'm at a bit of a loss on to what to check next.
  10. Well the spark plug did the trick, I'm shocked it's running so much better but it is. The wrong plug went bad quick and now it's running good again. I will still try to clean the MAF and air filter next time I have a chance.
  11. I have "Air Intake Medic" by Gunk and some other air intake cleaner, I assume this is the stuff?
  12. Where is that sensor located? I imagine contact cleaner on a rag would work? I'm guessing it should be located between the air filter and the throttle body somewhere, or on the throttle body.
  13. Changing the spark plug to the right plug made a big difference. There is lots of low end power, smooth. A little less high end power but it isn't so rough at the high end. as it was but still not great. It does not heat up as fast or as much but still smells rich when it starts and is harder to start warmed up. Also still will stall if you let it idle to open a gate in gear. Seems like it won't stall if you remember to put it in neutral. Next I guess is pull the air filter, as it's still not running great.
  14. Yes I understand that, and it will be checked. But if we rule out the air filter, what's the next thing it could be?

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