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  1. Well the spark plug did the trick, I'm shocked it's running so much better but it is. The wrong plug went bad quick and now it's running good again. I will still try to clean the MAF and air filter next time I have a chance.
  2. I have "Air Intake Medic" by Gunk and some other air intake cleaner, I assume this is the stuff?
  3. Where is that sensor located? I imagine contact cleaner on a rag would work? I'm guessing it should be located between the air filter and the throttle body somewhere, or on the throttle body.
  4. Changing the spark plug to the right plug made a big difference. There is lots of low end power, smooth. A little less high end power but it isn't so rough at the high end. as it was but still not great. It does not heat up as fast or as much but still smells rich when it starts and is harder to start warmed up. Also still will stall if you let it idle to open a gate in gear. Seems like it won't stall if you remember to put it in neutral. Next I guess is pull the air filter, as it's still not running great.
  5. Yes I understand that, and it will be checked. But if we rule out the air filter, what's the next thing it could be?
  6. Hi All, Our Hisun is not making any power. Once you start to climb RPM's it almost sounds like the timing is out, it sputters and farts and doesn't want to climb RPM's at all. It starts fine though. I checked and set the valves, they were a bit tight but not bad. The spark plug is very black. The exhaust valves are a real nightmare to get to fyi. On the last service the dealer put the wrong plug in, so I'm switching that back to stock as soon as we get one. I'm also thinking the air filter should be checked/cleaned. Any other things to check?

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