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  1. I've seen those guys on YouTube but never occurred to me to ask them questions. They're obviously just regular dudes but for some reason, seeing them on YouTube, I think of them more as characters in a movie that you can't really talk to; a one-way presentation of entertainment and information. I'll give it a shot, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. American Sportworks UTV, I swapped in a Predator 670 engine. I relocated the exhaust which was originally bolted to the side of the engine, to the rear of the buggy, via some flexible exhaust pipe. It runs like crap and I think maybe the reason is my exhaust is adding restriction. So I would need to put in smaller jets, right? Also, the jets installed at the factory are two different sizes. The reason for that as I read somewhere, is that (with the muffler in the factory position) the exhaust gas path through the muffler is longer for one of the cylinders than for the other. I think my ad
  3. I found this thread searching for predator 670 carb tuning tips. Can't believe it didn't come up a long time ago when I was searching for CVTech CVT adjustment info. I have an American Sportworks Bulldog 300. It's the "300cc" (277cc) version of the same buggy you have, and I also swapped a predator 670 into it. My primary CVT pulley did not have the stoke limiter inside like yours. On mine, the stroke limit was a "feature" of the shaft. I'm curious what year model your buggy is, and why our clutches are different. For my year model I believe the clutches were the same on all the models up

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