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    Retired in 04 from a 46 yr career in the Neon and Plastic Sign bussines. Became somewhat a jack of all, but mostly sheet metal fab. We are Fulltime RV'ers, that is my wife of 47 yrs and counting. Teach and share Bible Studies online. Love to hike and travel when we can afford the fuel for our gas guzzeling Class A Motor Home.....about 7 per gal.

    We presently manage an RV Park in "Q" called Desert Edge for about 7 months and then go to Deming, NM for the summer months. I'm going on 68 in May and in pretty good shape though I just found out I have mild leukemia. Can't let that stop me,,,,,,,,,,,God gives and He takes away. :)

    Frankie aka Chalkstk
  1. I originally pulled plug, cleaned with contact spray and then dielectric grease. Didn't help till I pulled sensor and contact sprayed the bullet looking plunger. Must have been loosing proper contect internally is my guess. Thank God fro small miracles and guys like you on this great forum. Frankie
  2. Thx All, I finally am looking at hatched chickens. The R-2 idles fine. It was a sticky IAC sensor. After a year and a 1/2, I can finally chalk up some miles. Thx for everyone's input. Frankie
  3. All, Day 3 and starting to count the chickies. Think I will replace both sensors as they become available. A couple of spares will be worth saving aggrevation. Frankie
  4. Yeah Rick, Hope this is it. And I will stay on board. Wish I had a T-2 instead. That xtra cylinder and cc's must run pretty good. Never had the R-2 above 60. Tachs pretty high. Would have been great to have an OD gear for highway use. Oh, well, be content with what we have Frankie ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lenny, If problem begins again, do you think it is the IAC and can one be obtained? Rough $? Thx
  5. Hi All, Still not counting chickies, but day two and it idles fine. The only thing I have done different is putting pedal to the medal before ignition. I know this is not necessary for fuel injection, but if it works, I'm happy. I removed throttle sensor and IAC, and sprayed both internaly with contact spray. So far so good. Thx for everybody's input. Learning allot. And here I thought I was just a "turn key" kind of guy................... Lenny, Does IAC stand for "internal air control"? Thx, Frankie
  6. Yes it is all the way out. The only thing I did yesterday was to remove and contact spray both the IAC and the throttle sensor. Today, it started fine and ran all day without one high rev cycle. Tomorrow I'll try again. Would be great if it was that simple, but not countng chickens yet Frankie
  7. Yes, that is the bullet shaped sensor I removed. But I can't get it physically to move. I sprayed it with contact cleaner and reinstalled. If I remove it from port and hit ignition, should it move or engage? Also I have the R-2 manual. The page numbers are probably different from the T-2. Should I just look under electrical heading? Frankie
  8. Lenny, I appreciate your knowledge, but remember I do not even know what the IAC is or where it is. I need pics of my motor and arrows pointing to these varied sensors you speak of. But the manual is no help. When my motor idles, it is only about 650, not 900. If I turn the screw in, it over revs and not just upping the idle speed a little at a time. I did the throttle sensor twist and tighten thing and it id nothing, If I had parts to interchange, I could manage. One or more must be defective. But you have me worried about intake manifold leak. I'm assuming you mean intake and not exhaust
  9. Rick, Maybe you missed it, but I had the machine in Tempe for this prob and all Casey did was replace battery. Then he sent me a MAS sensor. Then Joyner went kaput. So he did not know either. Remember, this has been going on since Aug of 08. There is only 800 miles on the R-2 which shows how much I haven't enjoyed driving it. He was warantee'ing it but now I have to pay for whatever. I just wish I knew what to buy and then find out if anybody has the right part or parts. If it's the computer, I'll plant flowers in it. I hid my sledge hammer:) Frankie
  10. Rick, Can you give me a list of all sensors on the R-2, 3 banger? Then I'll call him and see which or all he has available. It seems at this juncture, that one or more of these sensors is defective. I stil have not found the CPU and I pray this big buck part is sound. Thx, Frankie
  11. Did everything you and Rick offered. Ran fine twice start and stop. Had a cup of coffee, went back out and high revved again. I give up. Hopefully Joyner will have dealers again, and I'll bring it in. Still can't find ECU in engine compartment. It must be under cowl in front? Disappointed, but beyond anger Frankie
  12. So what did Lenny mean by changing it's position back nd forth? Mechanically I assume? Do you think that when I finally get it to idle after start/stop that the engine is warming up some and then finally idles? If so, what does that tell us? Anything different than we know up to now? Remember guys I'm a novice but I can turn a wrench if I know what to turn. Bless you all, Frankie
  13. You guys have a real passion and I can't tell you how much I appreaciate everyone trying solve this delema. I will srew the scew in till it just touches the cam and then a smigit more till it high revs and then back again? Of course I'll have to have in idle mode first after a bunch of start/stops. Frankie
  14. Lenny, Where is this throttle position sensor? Is it the cam with the throttle cable riding on it? Frankie
  15. I must be missing it. The only box is the fuse panel which is on the passenger frame side. Mine is an 08. Could they have changed from other years? I did notice all my rubber hose slide on's were check cracked around outside, but not all the way thru, I siliconed them just in case. What ticks me off, is it runs so good and smooth when I get it to idle. And it never high revs going thru gears if I start off with normal idle. It will run till stopped, fine. Something about it sitting over nite. It is running right now. I'll fire it up in the AM and see it it idles. But first I'll turn the fuel

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