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  2. Thanks for the reply, it is a 2011 800 V-Twin fuel injected I got this with an intermittent running issue and the valves were adjusted way off and only had 30 PSI in one cylinder. After correcting the valve clearance issue I couldn't get it to stay running and then I had no spark at all, found that the crankshaft position sensor was failing. Replaced the crankshaft position sensor fired up but wouldn't idle I could get it down to 3000 RPM so I started checking over everything on the throttle body, I removed the throttle position sensor noticed that there was a whole lot of dirt built up on th
  3. Hey guys, looking to get some insight on my issue, my hisun 800 sxs runs now that I replaced the crankshaft position sensor however it won't run unless I have the throttle Down like 4000 rpm!, it will idle down but it won't stay running at all as soon as it drops to 3000 RPM it just dies almost like you're turning the key off. I have good compression I just adjusted the valves. Any help is much appreciated thanks.
  4. Thank you everyone for the advice, I ended up ordering it off of eBay from an American company, still saying I may not receive it until as late as November 9th but oh well I was running out of options and I need to have this running soon. Please if anybody else has any input please feel free to post your comment. It may help others. Cheers.
  5. Hello fellow hisun owners, I'm new to the Forum just wanted to ask a question about my hisun 800, I currently need to replace the crankshaft position sensor but due to my location I'm looking at almost two months before I see one, I was just curious if anybody knows of another brand that use the same crankshaft position sensor for the hisun 800 motor. Like Polaris, Yamaha, Suzuki, or even automotive. Thanks.

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