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  1. I originally had the DAYCO XTX 2236 from the dealer but then switched to the Gates 30C3750 based on another recommendation...both seem to work well...not sure it is a belt issue...??
  2. I’m not sure what to call it...it does not necessarily “shift” up because I lose all power and have put the machine back into N and then place into H again to resume driving...not sure if that makes sense if you are able to open the video on the original post that shows it in action. I will check the shifter and gear box when I get back at it again...thanks for the help!!
  3. The sheaths look ok...I replaced the sliders/weights and shoes...the “clicking” noise is gone with those replacements. I still have the problem with the primary opening wide while driving and I lose power...I have not adjusted the shift rod and have no idea how to do that...any ideas??
  4. Thanks man!! I really appreciate it!!
  5. What aftermarket belt do you all use that fits...my dealer used the DAYCO XTX 2236...???
  6. Hey guys...I have a 2015 ODES Dominator X4 800cc...I had recently tore the belt up and was able to get a new one on and had no problems. The other day I got stuck and smoked the clutch out a bit trying to get out and since that time I have had a constant "clicking" noise coming from the primary clutch. Then noise is present at idle and low speeds but goes away under load. I took the clutch apart and assume that this noise is coming from either the clutch sliders/weights or shoes. I plan on replacing these soon. However, today I put the clutch back together to get the bus out there and ride around the neighborhood and I have a "jolty" start and while cruising in "H" the secondary clutch suddenly opens wide and I lose power. When revved the secondary clutch will not grab and continues to open. I can place the UTV back into "N' and then back to "H"...the secondary clutch stops spinning and the belt grabs as normal and I can continue on. Anyone have any idea what is going on or have experienced similar problems? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bR6kVo2QsB6e6G6NK3jWjAoQpJCmeyVf/view?usp=sharing ODES clutch problems.mov

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