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  1. Hi guys, Just an update. I returned both Coleman UTV 250. After preparing a list of 38 issues on both UTV's. Distributor agreed to take them back, and exchange for 2 Coleman 400 cc. I might be asking for trouble or trouble just fines me. Thanks for your support. This forum is awesome. Keep up the good work. 5 stars for us newbies.
  2. Don't believe everything you read. I said shipped fully assembled. I assembled it. That's why I'm missing parts. The engine came fully intact. The roof, seats and tipping box in boxes. I looked at the one in the store I bought it from. There missing parts too. I will proceed to make a claim in the morning. Thanks a bunch.
  3. It might be helpful to tell you the whole story. When I purchased it 3 days ago. I had a bunch of issues. Gas pouring through the vent hose. Missing parts, broken springs on the brake pedal. Brake cable slipping. I can with all honesty say quality control is not a priority.
  4. Thanks Travis, I purchased gas from two different places. Have pumped the tank out and replaced the gas. I ran it for 10 minutes no change. Any other thoughts?
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first forum. I purchased 2 Coleman 250 UTV for around the house. It's perfect for running back and forth to the barn. I have 3hrs on both machines and the units are sputtering. I used 94 Octane gas. I'm hoping someone might have an idea.

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