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  1. Yeah. But Wasn't cheap. My word those people have you by the tender bits.
  2. Yep Installed and reamed new guides. Unfortunately Still waiting on new Valves and other engine parts.
  3. Yeah. Went and ordered new valves. They were at the max limit.
  4. The Engine was burning a lot of oil so I decided to put new rings and valve seals in. The Valves Had a lot of slop in them so decided to change them too since I had it apart anyway
  5. Greetings all I have a 99 kawasaki mule 550 kaf300c3 That I ordered new valve guides for. Problem is my valves don't fit in new valve guides. Part number is correct. Is it possible that valve guides need to be installed and reamed before the valves will fit into the guides? Just seems like an awful lot of material to have to remove by reaming. Thanks for any help

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