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  2. Hey everyone, As I have previously mentioned, me and my group are designing a UTV for maintenance workers for a university project. On the safety section of our report, I have noticed virtually no UTV's have airbag safety systems. Does anyone know why this is the case? It would seem like it would prevent a lot of injuries. Thank you Ash
  3. @Dan B Hmmm, bolting the module to the frame would be the most secure but it would make assembly slow. We are looking for something workers can change quickly.. Would you be able to show an example of the electric latch and cable operated latch you described? Its a bit hard to visualize.
  4. @Travis Ah, I see. Very clever, thank you! Do you use a mini crane to get the bed on top of the frame? @Dan B Yes, I like that a lot! What do you think about using solenoid version of those quick release pins? So there would not be any manual effort. You would energize it and it would insert into the holes and when de-energized, it would lock. I may just adopt the slide in camper idea. From what I've seen, they have an electric jack on each corner. Then you reverse the car underneath it and lower the jack.
  5. Ah, great idea! Thank you. How do you get the bed on top of the frame?
  6. Hello everyone, I am a mechanical engineering student who is trying to design a UTV to be used by maintenance workers around parks and university campuses. One of our unique selling points was that the rear cargo area would be modular so it can be swapped out for different "rear modules". For example, it could just be cargo hold but also a cage, refrigeration, more passenger seats or carrying woodchip etc. What would be an easy way of detaching the different rear modules and swapping with a new one? A way of securing it to the frame but also allowing it to be removed with ease. From

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