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Airbag Safety for UTV

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Hey everyone,


As I have previously mentioned, me and my group are designing a UTV for maintenance workers for a university project.

On the safety section of our report, I have noticed virtually no UTV's have airbag safety systems. Does anyone know why this is the case? It would seem like it would prevent a lot of injuries.


Thank you



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i would think a large majority of UTV accidents are roll overs. in which you hopefully get held in by your seat belt, or you get thrown out the side. And then cars are more important to have them since there is a greater risk of collision from the front or back causing your head/torso to whip back or towards the steering wheel. and now cars have them on the side doors since your head would be  going towards a solid object.

Another reason  UTV's may not have them is since people may go over large bumps or hit potholes with them it may set them off when not needed, especially if one is defective.

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Because it's a relatively slow speed crash, I'd think proper fitting seatbelts would be more useful. 

Maybe an enclosure to keep people, and pet, as well as cargo contained within the cab. Half doors would be perfect. With netting to discourage appendages hanging outside the window. 

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No one wants them--if their was demand makers would be making them available--as added cost options if nothing else.

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