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  1. Thank you. I will look for the Yamaha gasket. I’m thinking of using Gasket Cinch in addition as well.
  2. Hi Joe. The coolant would make it to both sides of the motor although once I cranked it up the pressure was to much and forced the water out of the coolant reservoir. We are assuming it’s a head gasket issue that will need to be replaced. Thank you for your trouble shooting assistance!
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  4. I just found the screw at the pump but my mechanic didn’t know there was one there, only the top screw. It must be air bound. Thank you!!
  5. Thank you for the insight. I haven’t taken the cover off the water pump yet but now I’ll know what to look for. It is strange that it was fine for the first run of about an hour and now not so much. Generally I don’t run it for more than 30 minutes or so since I’ve had it back. Thanks!!
  6. I don’t believe there is a thermostat as the mechanic did not put one in- couldn’t find a match to fit. I will try to run it at idle and add coolant as it burps out and hope for the best. The next step is to replace the water pump if that doesn’t work. Thank you for help!
  7. T-Boss 410, thank you for replying. The radiator is cold at all times. When I got it home it ran great and the coolant was cycling properly- then just stopped cycling randomly. I was told the coolant system may need to “burp” although not sure how that works short of the normal bleeding process. Thanks again!
  8. Hello. I have a 2017 Massimo 700-5. I have recently had the head gasket replaced with the head and base machines, all gaskets, valve seals, piston rings and a coolant flush. I drove it for about a total of two hours at different times and days and now the coolant is not reaching the head when it is running. I have tried to bleed it by jacking up the front end using the top screw in the water pump screw and get all the air out. After I run it for a few minutes the coolant get stuck in the radiator and it won’t circulate back to the head as it should. Has anyone run into this? I’m not sure if t

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