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  2. Already tried that. I've seen some parts for Hisun that supposedly fit Cub Cadet UTV but deifinitely not Volunteer diesel looking at the pictures. This thing is build by MTD and also sold as Massey Ferguson MF20MD but that got me nowhere so far 😕. But thanks for suggestion!
  3. Hi all. Some time ago I've purchased a 2006 Cub Cadet Volunteer 4x4 through an auction. I have just found this forum and hope you can help me or give me some ideas. The problem here is that it was a non-runner with an "engine issue". There was some small wiring issue which I already fixed and started the engine (CAT/Perkins). To my surprise it didn't move after I put it in gear. After doing a small investigation I realised somebody took out whole CVT transmission and it lacks few gears and shafts in the transfer case. I called the dealer for a quote and the total cost of repairing it

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