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  2. It’s getting fuel to the cylinder now. Still won’t fire. Won’t even hit a lick. I fired the system to burn out the cylinder but nothing after. I wonder if there’s water in the fuel? Spark plug still arcs when it turn it over.
  3. Right. The fuel pump is working, the fuel injector is working, when I pulled out the spark plug, it fired a heavy blue arc. I’m going to try and get some heat to the engine. I’m hoping that it’s only ice causing blockage to the cylinder. Other than that I have no idea.
  4. Post, it’s after the throttle body. I’m not sure. I was wondering if maybe there is ice inside a valve somewhere? Doesn’t seem to be getting fuel. It’s between the injector and the cylinder I guess? I’m going to get some starte fluid and spray it directly into the spark plug hole.
  5. I’ve taken off the injector and turned on the key. It shoots out of it like nobody’s business. However, I pulled the plug and it doesn’t seem to be getting fuel into the cylinder. Stuck valve maybe?
  6. Thanks fellas. It only has about 100 miles on it. I’ll try the starting fluid. Might pull the plug an shoot some in the cylinder.
  7. My Massimo 500 will not start. I’ve checked all the obvious things. It turns over just fine. fuel, spark, fuse box are all good. I can’t figure it out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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