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  1. Ok so if anyone else has a problem like this the part numbers for the above connectors form Napa are: TSC200, this the coolant sensor connector with pigtail and EC264 this is the fuel injector connector with pigtail.
  2. These are the specific connectors/pigtails im looking for. The two coolant sensor plugs i might be able to find easily but the injector plug i cant find online as of yet. Any help would be greatful. or. These
  3. I have a 2015 cub cadet challenger, which is the same as the 700 hisun. I had a critter make a nest on top of the engine and eat about 6 inches worth of wiring. the sensors involed are the two coolant sensors and the injector wires. I need help identifing these specific delphi connectors so that i can try to purchase connectors with pig tails.

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