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    Joyner is alive and well

    To all Members of the Joyner Forum. Joyner is Alive!! JMC Motors has acquired the distribution rights for North, Central and South America for Joyner vehicles and parts. We are the exclusive distributor. We are opening a new parts distribution center in Chandler Az.. We have hired most of the key employees from Joyner, including Casey Strebe, Jeff Langseth, Kris Able. You can visit our web page at www.jmcmotors.us. You can order parts or speak to a technical consultant. We plan to introduce the 2010 vehicle line up as soon as we receive the EPA certification, which is expected in July. We are committed to increasing the quality of the product and maintaining a full parts inventory as well as technical support for your vehicles. We have hired Ken Morris as the quality control and production manager in the factory. His job is to increase the quality of the vehicles that we sell. We will have some exciting new vehicles planned for 2011. Some of the information posted by Justin is not accurate.The web site is up and running and there is no German businessman involved. My partners and I (all of us American) did put up the cash to restart the old Joyner. Please visit our web site (still under construction) or email us with any questions at [email protected] If you have any questions, feel free to call me directly at 480.253.1419. Jeff Craig President JMC Motors