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    Shocks! I am doing IT!

    Im new here but Ive wanted a trooper for a long time ( dont have the money for one right now ) so I like hanging around these forums. but I thought I would mention FOA shocks as well. I run them on my dodge megacab that I run pretty hard out at glamis and pismo ( no as hard as the guys from carli suspension or thuren fabricaton but I cant aford to break anything ) And wanted to say they have help up great. My truck is 7000lbs so thats no small feat. When I got them, I did alot of digging and these shocks are basicly a clone of King prerunner series except you can get then with viton seals, the piston is almost identical and can used king parts/shims. I think being almost half the price there a very good opton for the T2. PS should always run resevoirs when like to go fast. They cavitate alot less