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  1. Rocmoc, we will accomplish what you need with differential ring gears. I cannot tell you when just yet, but it is something we have talked about for while and is on our list of projects. What we would like to do is offer optional ring gears for the exisiting style of differential with one lower and one higher than stock for both the Trooper and Renegade. I will work on this in late May early June, beyond that we will be starting to develop a new differential from a new supplier for all the UTV models next fall and hopefully introduce sometime in early 2012. The new differential will be common in all three UTV models with only the ring gear size being different, so we will build into the design what so many people like yourself have asked for. Right now the plan was to have 5 available ring gears for the new differential. We will not be changing anything regarding gears in the manual transmissions, but the I am working on the high-low of the CVT and we wanted to ensure in the design that when you are in the low side of the gearbox on it that it was lower than the stock manual transmission. As for the diesel you asked Mike about a long time ago, the plan was to have it available in both manual and CVT for the Renegade only to begin with, we will see how well it does before we offer it in the Trooper. We are still in the early stages of the diesel development and I am currently waiting on more information regarding what emission and durability testing we must go through to get EPA certificatons from our EPA consultant. There is some big grey areas regarding diesel UTV's that have to do with engine size and speed. We want to use the 1000cc turbo diesel we have been testing, it is a brute with over 125 n/M of torque and we have it set-up to do about 55 mph which may be a problem with getting EPA certification. This vehicle is targeted for commercial uses and must have the CVT if we want to be successful marketing it for commercial use. If the diesel we are wanting to use is going to be a problem in getting approved, then I have a smaller 850cc with no turbo and a CVT that we have been looking at as a plan b. I don't get on here as much as I should or have time for, but if you have any specific questions you can email me directly at [email protected], Kris Abel at [email protected] or Garth Livermore at [email protected]
  2. Dear AngolasBest, I have some photos of the new models, but we are in the process of shooting new photos now for the catalog, brochures and website. You can see 2010 vehicles at www.joynervehicles.com and starting May 1st you can view all new models and information at www.Joyner-USA.com. To answer your question, there is no automatic available, there was a time they were working on it and the development was pretty much complete, but we dropped all of that and we are developing a CVT now for the 600cc, 800cc and 1100cc Chery engine UTV's. We plan to have our development work completed by summers end and the CVT will be available this fall. At the time vehicles will be available in either a manual or CVT. Joyner

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