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  1. Mine is doing the exact same thing that yours is doing. I have been using it and haven't had time to fix it. Hopefully I will have time this week to check out the cable grounds, i think that's the problem. Keep me posted on your problem. 'That's sure not right what they're doing to you. It sounds as if it's a process of elimination. I don't blame you for trying to fix it yourself.
  2. Can you tell me approximately where this ground strap is located? Someone else told me it sounds like a ground problem, so I think you're right on.
  3. After driving my Honda hard for about an hour, it doesn't heat up, but it shows 3 bars on the temp. Then what happens is the orange power steering indicator in the upper left corner on the instrument panel comes on. My steering feels fine, no problems there. Then the speedometer reads zero and never changes no matter how fast i'm driving. No matter if i'm in low or high gear, it does not shift, then I try to shift with the paddles and they don't work. as i'm going along at a steady speed, either in low or high gear, and start going downhill slightly, it starts free wheeling with no engine compression. Then after playing around with it a bit, I put my foot on the accelerator ever so lightly, and it seems to catch, as long as I have a slight bit of pressure on the throttle it acts as normal but still doesn't shift. If I shut it down for an hour it starts right up and runs perfect, shifts perfect. It seems as if after driving it hard for a while, a shift sensor, or something heats up and starts to act up. Anyone know what's going on? ' '

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