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  1. Got my mule today. Not the one I ordered though. I ordered an XS XC. The dealer called me and said he just got a Pro MX in and would I be interested. Costed $1800 more than the XS but I’m tired of waiting and it is a nicer unit. Finally the wait is over. Should be delivered to me next weekend after fully assembled and accessories are installed.
  2. Yep, ordered mine on July 26 in Columbia. Waiting patiently.
  3. Yes, I’ve been using that dealer inventory search. Nothing in my area to speak of. It is showing one XC just north of my location but I called the dealer and they sold it awhile back. They just haven’t updated their website lately.
  4. I spoke with my dealer today. He said they actually had a couple mules delivered today, hopefully there will be more to come. Mine still hasn’t arrived. Been almost 10 weeks.
  5. I haven’t been able to find out much about the Kawasaki mule delivery delays specifically, but I have read some forums and comments about Polaris utvs. Some customers have been waiting for 8 months and are still waiting for their machine. While others are getting them in 6-8 weeks. Seems to be no rhyme or reason. I’m sure Kawasaki is having the same issues. I’ve been waiting 8 weeks and still haven’t heard anything.
  6. I spoke with the dealer yesterday and he didn’t tell me anything very encouraging. He said the next mule sx xc model that arrives would be mine, but could not even give me an estimate as to when it would be. He said Kawasaki is one of the worst at communicating with the dealership, the only one worse is Honda. So no good news there. I guess the wait continues.
  7. It’s been about 8 weeks I’ve been waiting, haven’t heard anything yet. I’m gonna stop in and see the dealer next week just to touch base with them. I don’t really expect them to be able to tell me anything though. I’m expecting to have to wait at least another 4-6 weeks.
  8. I put a deposit on a mule sx xc about a month ago. The dealer said Kawasaki told them to tell the customer there would be a 4-12 week waiting period for delivery. Do any of you have any insight what the actual delivery wait time may be? I live in Tennessee.

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