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    Need feedback on China made UTV's!

    II have the 2010 700cc Tomoto/Hisun. Got jan this year,,,had to put it together ,,really came packed up in a crate…after unpacking 1 day, Then about 2 days putting it together…It started right up… Everything worked great…about 2 months ago I had a starting problem. One day started find 2 days later No Start,,.then it would turn over very.very Slow then it would take off and start,,,the next thing..This New Gas with the Ethenol worked on the carb,,I did’nt start it for about 2 weeks and then it would not start at all..No gas going the carb…So I took it to a ATV dealer the sells these now…he replaced the needle and got it started,,,BUT,,said the slow turn over was Compression Lock…And it may loosen up after running in a few months of riding,,,I sure hope so…another Fix for that would be replaced Battery with a higher 800cc cranking amps…But all in all,Im happy with it so far…I saved about $4,000 bux on this purchase.between this one and the Yamaha Rhino,,So I guess when I put $4,000 in it,,I guess I could say,you paid for what you get,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. Hello,,I have a 2010 Tomoto,Got in Jan this year,, Had a carb problem first,and got the needle replaced.. and it as a Compression problem,they said,(to Much). Sometime when you cut off the motor,I guess with piston on the high side,it cranks very slow..like its out of time.Then if you hold the key switch over long enough and don;t burn the starter up,it takes off and starts and runs great,,,This guy said it Compression locks,,thats why it want turn over fast,,if you take out the spark plug when it does this,,crank it over a minute or two,,put plug back in,then it starts right up...What can be done to stop is... this guy says,,If you ride and ride it,,after a while it will lossen up,,and be OK...any Ideals.....Thanks