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  1. Thanks ElbowRoom. When I pulled the cap the rad is full to the top. I ran it with the cap off (sitting level) to see if coolant was circulating. I didn't see it moving but as it warmed the coolant started moving up. So I put the cap back on to keep it from overflowing. It built pressure (hoses got hard) and radiator got hot to the touch. But no fan... I have a shop crane so I will definitely try this trick. I've seen lots of posts about air in system. I've never had it opened so if there is air then there must be a leak, somewhere. I expect I will lose a bunch of coolant before it burps. What type of coolant should I use? I've looked through the manual and didn't see anything listed.
  2. Thanks for the reply TapBoss. I'm considering running the fan on a toggle but as a last resort.
  3. Not sure where the fan relay is. But I have power at the temp sensor, screwed into rad on passenger side, so assuming all wiring is good.
  4. I jumped the connector at the temp sensor on the rad. Fan came on so wiring is good to this point. Maybe I replaced a bad sensor with another bad one. Made in China after all. I'm going to dig the old one out of the garbage can and check resistance with some heat from a lighter. Should have done this first... If the switch in the sensor is good then I see no reason why it's not working. To be continued.
  5. I don't use my 2012 500UTV a lot. Occasional yard work and plowing snow. I noticed cooling fan was not cycling as normal, wasn't coming on at all. Overflow reservoir was dry so I added. Pulled the connector at the sensor on the rad and jumped a wire across the terminals, turned on key and fan working, so I figured bad sensor. Replaced sensor and fan still doesn't come on. Radiator is full to the top. I started it cold and let it idle so I could monitor. The coolant hoses get hard from pressure and radiator gets hot. It gets too hot to touch for more than a few seconds so (I assume) coolant has to be circulating, but no fan. I have no problem replacing parts but I have no idea where to go next. When I do use it I can tell from the heat coming through the cover that it's getting hot so after a short while of use I park it. I'm considering running the fan with a toggle switch but that's rigging, not fixing. Don't know if this is related but even with a perfect battery it labors on the starter. On and off the starter a few times and it fires up. Any advice I can get will be appreciated.

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