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  1. I changed the rectifier regulator in my 2019 massimo Tboss 410 which was burnt out and still nothing. Battery is charged. The screen is dead no noise. Could the starter relay need to be changed as well? Please help me
  2. Hi! Can someone please help me? What is the name of this part?
  3. The power distributor box burnt out. Do you know what this thing is called and where I can get it. Please
  4. I washed the bed and under the bed with a garden hose. Drove back to the house to park. Tried to start the next day. The screen was black. No electrical noises nothing. Tried a new battery and still nothing. Please help. I rely on this thing for my chores.
  5. Help! I washed horse manure off of the dump bed and underneath with a garden hose because it was smoking. It was fine when I drove it back to the house. when I tried to start it the next day. The screen was black and it wouldn’t turn over. My husband bought a new battery and checked the fuses. I’m stressed I can’t do my daily chores without,

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