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    09 Prowler Differential Problem

    From my research I know that the axles are the same, housing is same part number, bearings seals etc. are the same. My gear ratio is 3.6 and most of the older ones are 4.0 with a 9 tooth pinion instead of a 10 tooth pinion which is in mine. Will the ring gear work if i reshim the gears? The teeth are straight cut hypoid so I think they will. I just don't have the money to experiment. I am hoping someone else has already experienced this problem and can help.
  2. I experienced a problem with my 09 Prowler jerking when you try to take off from a dead start or at a rolling start. It did not do it when in 4 wheel drive. I discovered that the rear driveline was turning as much as 3 or 4 revolutions before rearend would engage. This machine has the turf saver rear differential. I removed the rearend and found that the spool was welded so you could not take apart. I ground the welds off and dissassembled and found that there are a type of clutch pack on each side. Mine was damaged beyond any repair on one side. So to make a long story short I was wondering if anyone has removed there turf saver and installed a solid spool from a older model. If so do you have the correct part #'s. The turf saver spool and gear assembly is upwards of $700.00 everywhere I have looked online and the comparable solid spools are around 150.00 in the older models. I have compared the parts diagrams and numbers to several other models and everything seems to be the same except for the pinion tooth numbers and the spool with the ring gear. My pinion is 10 tooth and the ring gear 36 tooth. I can't afford to spend 700 plus dollars to repair this rearend so any help would be appreciated