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  1. Anybody know what would make the coil not fire? I bought a brand new coil and still no fire...
  2. I live fairly close to the parkway. I never knew of a offroad park there.
  3. Sounds like a plan plumber, do u have very many places to ride there?
  4. It wasn' t running when I bought it. They had it next door at a little car lot. The mechanic is the one that told me. Which I checked also before I purchased 1. It gets power to the computer, Nothing coming out. I pulled all the fuses and checked them and then put them back. I checked the relays also. It's weird I put the jumpers in and everything works. Then put the relays back in and nothing. They don't have a roll over sensor do they? My bike has one, I wrecked it and it came on. It wouldn't let u start it. Don't know if it has 1 but that's kind of how it acts.
  5. Yes I checked fire at the plugs, I took a plug out and u could smell a little fuel on it. I checked all fuses in both boxes. There isn't a Inline fuse somewhere I might have overlooked is there? I could only get the pump and fan on when I put jumpers on the rely. I went to elementry at Edison in Catlettsburg.
  6. Thanks, I down loaded the schematics. I work out of town so I haven't got back yet to check it out. I updated my profile
  7. Hello everybody, Im new the forum actually it's my 1st post. I just recently purchased a used 08 trooper at the local bank. It has 535 miles and its camo. That had it as a repo, everything seems to be in really good shape. There's just 1 problem it won't run. They said it needed a ECU I purchased a ECU still nothing. All the lights work, 4 wheeldrive works, horn works, and everything else up front. The engine will crank but wont start no fuel or spark, fuel pump won't even run and the fan will not come on. Crossed over the relays to turn fans on fuel pump and get spark. Still nothing, I would

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