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Anybody know what would make the coil not fire? I bought a brand new coil and still no fire...

You said you down loaded the schematic for the computer under manuals in the parts and pieces sticky( http://www.utvboard.com/topic/392-parts-pieces-and-information-for-our-troopers-joyners/page__view__findpost__p__475,)

If I had your problem, I would pull the spark plugs for easy turning the engine over by hand, unplug the computer, turn the key on to run, and check the voltage on pin 67 to see if it has power, if so, jumper it to ground to bring in the main relay, pin 67 is the ground pin for the main relay.

Now, jumper pin 27 to ground, this activates the crank shaft position sensor, now measure pin 29 and watch for a pulse as you or someone turns the engine over slowly, use a voltmeter or an oscilloscope, not a test light, I don't know how much power the sensor can handle, maybe an LED with 1K ohm resistor would work. If you get the pulse, this means the sensor is working, it is what tells the computer where the crankshaft/piston is. If it doesn't pass this test, you may have a bad sensor.

If this test passes, hook the computer back up and watch for a pulse, on or off, at pins 4 & 5 to see if you're getting power to the coil as you turn the engine over slowly, you may be able to measure this at the plug going to the coil. If it doesn't pass this test, You may have a bad computer.

Keep posting your results.


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