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  1. Mike: First of all thank you for your fair and constructive dialogue. I appreciate it. I don't know how anyone can trust the cowards who come on here and make silly statements hiding behind screen names, never willing to identify themselves. First, I wanted to let all of you know that Casey is still and will remain with us. We have spent the last month going to the individual suppliers of Joyner parts. We are rebuilding our inventory of Joyner parts and will continue to offer them. We have a container or parts that will arrive the first part of December. I will be more specific as to the da
  2. Mike: Changzhou Joyner, the manufacturer of the Joyner vehicles is out of business. They no longer exist. They took a hell of a lot of JMC's money with them when they went down. That is a fact. If you doubt that try reaching someone there. If you are successful, let me know. A point of clarification. We never once ask a dealer to make a large (or any) deposit to stock and sell parts. That is absolutely untrue. I would challenge you to produce one dealer that can make that claim. We did ask for deposits for vehicles. As to the reason why you don't see 2010's. The first is there is no manuf
  3. Want to clear up a lot of B.S. from people. JMC is still in business. We are not going away. We survived the collapse of the Joyner factory in China. They took us for thousands of dollars in parts and vehicles that were never shipped. Someone just called (but was too big of a coward to identify himself) to tell me how much we suck. Well guess what. I am not going to disagree. Up to now we have sucked in servicing our customers. We are a distributor. We can only sell what we can buy. We don't make anything here. The factory took our money and never delivered promised parts or vehicles. The g

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