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  1. stevozz


  2. Wow nice job Lenny. L O O K I N G G R E A T!!! Stevozz
  3. Hi guys, We found one alt that looks like it will mount up with ez, one problem stock alts have only 2 wires going to it. This one is for a Suzuki sidekick and it has 3 wires. I am really no good at wiring and worried about what wire goes where. I do not want to cause other problems to the system. I tried 4 other alt with 2 wires but they were to big and alittle long pulley wise it didnt line up. They do not give you much room to work with and the way the bottom mount is. And the left motor mount is real close to the bottom alt mount. Mid 90s Suzuki samurai was small and looked like it would b
  4. Thanks for getting back to me. I took my alt to a friend of mine Thursday afternoon, He is going to get 2 of them tomorrow morning to see if they will work, both of them are for dodge vehicles, and both are pushing out 55 amps also with the same plug. if they do not work we are going to try Suzuki which from what I hear will bolt right up and also pushing out 55 amps, but the plug is different. So if I have to go that route all I have to do is splice the wires going into the alt. I will let you guys know what happens. Again thank you guys for everything!!! Stev
  5. what do you guys think the lowest amp alt I could use that will handle everything? because its true my trooper doesnt have a/c, heater, power windows, locks ect. again stock is 75 amps. What do these really need to run the system? Again for lights I have the stock spotlights on the top light bar, and 2 sets of 520 PIAA lights. Thanks again for your help! Stevozz
  6. Hi everyone, thanks again for your help. the part that is bad is the regulator/ stator its the part that sends the amps out. And they cannot find the part to replace it. They are still looking for it. As for lights all I have is the factory spot lights on top and 2 sets of 520 PIAA lights, I removed the headlights. The biggest draw is from the factory spot lights, Yes I think I will have to see how much room I have to make another one fit. Whats the lowest amp alt you think that I can use? Because when you get up to 75+ amps they are alot bigger. Thanks for all your help and info guys. I will
  7. Hi guys and thank you for your replies. The stock alternator puts out 75 amps, everything that NAPA found that may fit are only putting out 45 to 50 amps so that will not work. I did take it to get bench checked and it is dead not producing any amps. They cannot even replace any parts, because they cannot locate the parts. And a new one from jmc cost $275.00. I did read something on here the other night where someone thought it was their alternator but instead it was the shut off switch. Boy do I wish it was that. I just hate to buy another China alternator and it does the same thing 800 mil
  8. Hi everyone its been awhile, everybody enjoying their troopers? Did anybody have to replace any alternators yet? mine is dead !!! does anybody know if there is an aftermarket one out there? instead of going to joyner? I checked NAPA they have nothing, checker also has nothing. Thanks for your help!!! Stevozz
  9. I am just wondering in which way to go by maybe renting a cottage there or to bring my rv. I have an old 1984 ford c class with a 460 in it, and with pulling my trailer with trooper she only gets around 6 miles per gallon yes I know ha ha. and if I pull it with my GMC pick up I will get around 16 to 17 mpgs. So I have to do the math once I see how many miles it will be to get there. I hate to help the gas companies get rich !!! It may be cheaper for me to rent a cottage. Thanks Steve
  10. Hi Rocmoc, That sounds great to stop and ride at other places on the way home, I just have to figure out what to do with my other trooper? Thanks Steve
  11. Hi Lenny, I live in Safford, its about 1hr 40 min east of Tucson on rt 191. And where we are planning to camp thats at Glamis right or really close to Glamis, I was told that its about an 8 to 9 hour drive is that about right? Thanks Steve
  12. Hi Rick, Looks like a real nice place there, How much is it to stay per day/night?
  13. Hi Mike, your welcome and its no problem at all, just keep intouch and we will go from there ok? Thanks Steve
  14. Ok guys where exactly are we planning to have the jamboree? so I can put it in map quest and get directions. And to see if I can swing this trip, Plus I have 2 troopers and I wouldnt have any problem at all to let Brostar use it, but to get both of them down there is a problem, I can only tow one of them. If someone has a good way to get the 2nd one down there in one peice and back again that will be great. Just let me know ok? it would be nice to get to meet everyone and to go riding ect.

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