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  1. I'll post some pics when I get down to the shop tomorrow after my day job Day jobs done ... Here's some pics of the carnage The pinion gear took the most damage but the ring gear got a bit of damage too Just heard on the weather its gonna snow up here this weekend sucks my machine is down it would have been fun. Rick
  2. The Pinion gear for the Renegade has 14 teeth and the ring gear 32 if it is the same I sure could use them, let me know. Thanks Rick
  3. I understand that they have to buy min quantity's ( I run a business myself) They shouldn't advertise products they don't have or can't/unwilling get. Snowman thinks he'll have the parts I need in shortly.
  4. I called JMC they said that the ring and pinion are not available and that I would have to buy a whole new differential but they have a ring and pinion listed on their website as well as every other part for the diff. Glad I didn't order parts off their website. I cant put another $1000+ for a new differential into this buggy right now so it can sit untill I can find the parts I need or decide to scrap/part it out. thanks anyway Rick
  5. Help I just blew up the rear differential in my newly acquired 2008 Joyner 800 Renegade R4 seems the ring and pinion gears are toast. The problem is I am trying without luck to locate a ring and pinion gear set so I can repair the diff. Does anyone have a set or know where I can purchase parts new or used? Thanks in Advance for any help you can offer Rick

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