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  1. Silverbullet can you please go into a little more detail here? Is this for all troopers? stock or modified? You meant the fuel pressure regulator? What kind of difference are you seeing with the plugs? I have the programmer on the way and I wanna have this beast working the best I can. I'm not quite getting the vacuum line but maybe it will make more sense if I was looking right at it.
  2. did everyone give up on this?
  3. Is there going to be a controller/cam pre-tuned package? I would love to buy the both of them. How much money should I put aside for both? Is this controller discussed in another thread more? I have a power commander on my snowmobile I assume it is simmilar to that? I am working night shift but I will try to call today for some info. I would love to get some more bottom end power having 30 inch mud lite XXL's on it. Thanks, Tony

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