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Coleman 2021 ut 400 will not shift Into reverse.

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I recently bought a 2021 Coleman ut 400 although it is a 2021 I bought it new. From the start it would pop out of reverse. After driving it for about a half an hour, I backed up and it popped out of reverse. I researched the forums and tried to adjust the shift cable. No matter what I do there is no reverse. There was no noise or slamming in and out of gear. It just stopped pulling. Has anyone  experienced a similar problem and how do I fix it. Any information would be appreciated. 

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Roger -

  Inability to properly shift into both Forward and Reverse is a common problem with this unit. You get one or the other along with gear grinding. It is what appears to be a design flaw with the Coleman UTV400. Another thread exists on this board describing it. Two fixes so far: DIY an extension to the shift handle to increase the throw distance or wait for Coleman to supply a fix-it-kit to your Warranty Service Shop and get it done there. In my case? Still waiting.

  However, we've been able to mostly make things work. On our Coleman UTV400, Forward works fine with an occasional gear grind starting out. Reverse was and is a better-pay-attention issue. We found that rather than slamming the gear shift all the way to the bottom of its throw, stop approx. halfways between Neutral and full bottom. With a hand on the shifter and fluttering the gas pedal, we've found that usually we can feel the shifter (and transmission) settle into Reverse. 

  Until a real fix happens, we don't put ourselves in any MustBackOut situations.  


  Ted in OK

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COLEMAN UT 400 NO REVERSE WE FOUND THE CURE! In our case adjustment would make the UT 400 go into reverse but you would loose forward in the doing, very frustrating!  However when removing the seat and the upper engine cover you can see the shift lever clearly and with the cable adjusted properly to engage forward and the ever so annoying ratchet sound of reverse gears we found if you apply slight pressure to the shift lever on the transmission it would engage! Turns out there is just simply not enough throw on the cable, So back up to the shift lever and noticed there is a stop next to the detent on the lever that if slightly more gap would allow just a bit more throw. So here is the cure, Remove the nut (10MM) on the cable post, remove the C clip from the pivot post, remove the bezel ring at the shift lever by bending straight the tabs and remove the shift lever. I used a 4 1/2 inch angle grinder with a cut off wheel and removed about 1/2 of the stop on the inside edge next to where the detent ball will sit on both the reverse and forward sides of the lever (cuz lets just be certain) After reassembly it was noted that simply holding the shift lever into the gear you want and ever so gently tapping the throttle the transmission selects both forward and reverse every time without fail. You see the cable is only as long as it is and adjusting it will only make it go one direction further, but by removing a bit of metal it allows the whole thing to travel just enough to make the difference.  I'm not going to say this is the end all be all but it sure worked for us and maybe with a bit of luck will for you as well. 

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