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Looking for ane UTV

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We have an old Mule about 8-9 years old and we are looking to get something new, but have not sure about the best to buy.

We would probably like a two row (4-6 seater) better than a two seater.

Speed is not an issue... power is more important, but still not the main focus. We mostly just cruise around... general light duty work with the occasional heavy duty requirement.

We definitely want 4WD and a good smooth ride. Comfort is probably the most important of everything. Our 19 year old daughter would say speed is the most important thing, but we ain't buying it for her.

I checked out the Joyner UTV's, but they all appear to be manual transmissions with a clutch, which won't work, no negotiating. The wife and daughter don't do the manual trans thingy... it needs to have forward and reverse, no having to change gears.

Our friends just picked up one of the Ranger 6 seaters and are really praising its ride comfort. They purchased an 09 model for about 12,400 with a windshield and top. The one thing that they have complained about with it is the dust seems to suck right back into the seating area really bad. Not sure if this is merely a windshield thing or the design.

Anyway... would like suggestions and welcome dealers to contact me. I have no problem buying out of state to save a few bucks if the unit can be shipped reasonably and still save some money.


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