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Tyler needs Your Help

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My grandson, Tyler is selling Trails End Popcorn for his Cub Scout Pack 517. Tyler needs your help to reach his goal of selling $2,500 in Popcorn between now and December 1, 2009. The great thing is that once Tyler reaches $2,500 in sales Trails End will donate a scholarship to him, once he reaches the $2,500 his scholarship fund will increase by 6% by everything he sells. Every year Trails End will add the 6% of his sales to his total A local Eagle Scout was able to pay for six semesters of college just by selling Pop Corn! Please click on the link and order your Pop Corn today and it will be sent directly to your door!


Its also a great gift to give to family and friends for the Holidays or to take to the office!

Thank-you for supporting Tyler!


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