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PU-Products.com is proud to announce the most complete line of carry racks for safely transporting difficult to secure items. You can now safely carry such items as fuel jugs, coolers, tackle boxes, buckets and other items, in the beds of any UTV or Side By Side vehicle on the market today. These RAX offer either [...]

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    • Difficult to get out of gear.

      Have 2014 Bennche (Hisun) 700 EFI Four Seater.  Have great difficulty getting out of whatever gear its in.  Very often, have to shut engine off to move gear shift.    Is there a way to decrease idle speed? 

      By Lyonel Geary, in Hisun UTV SxS Forum

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    • Must have to carry along

      What are the must haves to take along?  I'll be out solo, but not too far off the beaten path.   

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    • Finishing the Small Items/Problems on Project Jeep

      One of the problems that kept us from taking the Jeep with us was my Jeep was leaning on the left side (lower on the driver's side) after everything was mounted; New tires, new wheels, new leaf springs, new shakles & new diffs. It also caused the Jeep to dive on the driver's side when you turned quickly towards the right. I couldn't find the cause and I was under a timeline, time was running out. I was too reactionary! While traveling and upon the return home, I told myself to slow down, think and measure. I have fixed stuff like this before. So today I took the time to measure and just lay under the Jeep looking at the frame. Inch by inch comparing left side to right side. THEN, I SAW IT! The frame supporting the front spring hanger on the rear diff on the driver's side was bent. I took a floor jack and lifted the frame at the location aprox the amount of the bend and sure enough the Jeep was nearly level. In one of my shops when I poured the floor I installed tie-downs in case I ever had a problem like this. I will tie her down, jack her up until the bend is gone. I will then box both sides so this can't happen in the future. Must have happened when the right rear axle came out on the previous owner. I never saw it as the axle was hanging out when I bought her. At any rate it is a good day when you solve a problem! rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

      By rocmoc, in All Other Off-Road Toys

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    • New 1100cc Complete Block

      I have for sale a New Chery 1100cc Complete Block. Ready for your head. If anybody interested in it PM me. 1000.00 Thanks David

      By plumber, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • Transporting 2015 Mule 610 XC w/ windshield & roof.

      I just bought a 2015 Mule 610 XC for my wife and I to use on other properties than our own. I purchased the fixed windshield and a roof just in case we hit bad weather we would have some protection. AFTER I bought them I am told that they are not rated to go more than 25 mph. To take them off and on every time I haul my mule to go riding would be an extreme amount of work to go through. Has anyone out there hauled their mule with these on? Will they hold up? What are my options? Thanks.

      By Russ23, in Kawasaki UTV SxS Forum

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