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Yes I'm an't dead yet, soory I didn't see you message. I have the injectors I bought from Lenny, I was trying them but I guess I couldn't get the fuel pressue right because the engine would start with them in. If you are still intrested let me know I'll sell them for 80.00 although Lenny charged me 500.00. LOL

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Lenny I did get the over boost problem fixed with a boost regulator, now it stops at about 8 psi but it will still try to over heat if I run fast for a while. As for stting a bad example thats is the way we have to roll. LOL

Your over heating can be taken care of by going to a larger radiator or at least a larger fan. I use both. My fan came from Ebay and is a 3000 cfm unit which is a lot more air then stock. My trooper over heated easily when totally stock. Did fine unless I ran it a bit hard for a while, just like your getting. Some owners don't have heating problems and others do. Maybe it's the cleanlyness of the inside of the block casting. Some just may allow a more free flow of coolant. Also you may want to space your fan farther from the radiator itself. Their cowling extends close to the radiator and blocks the corners of the radiator from getting air flow. I also moved the radiator back up against the vertical frame bars and put the fan on the inside. You get a bit better cooling if you are pushing the air thru the radiator rather then sucking it thru.


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      Does the UT500 need greasing?  Where can I find the fittings?  Thanks. 
    • By robwork9
      Hopefully someone out there is a T-Boss 410 electrics expert or a Massimo mechanic is viewing this. I parked my 410 and it was working great. I came back a week later and attempted to crank it and nothing. Turned the key and no power. Figured it was a bad/low battery so I charged it. Still nothing. Attempted to jump start it and still nothing. Usually when I put the key in and turn it to the first position, the display comes on and I hear the ECU and other items boot. Now it is doing nothing. 
      I slowly went through the electrical system and found the main fuse attached to the starter relay, part 71602 (pic 1) blown. I figured replacing this fuse would fix my problem. It didn't. I then ordered a new starter relay thinking maybe that part had gone bad and caused the fuse to blow, but a new relay did not fix the problem. 
      I have found a work around for starting the machine. If I take one of the purple/black leads (pic 2) and insert one of them in the bottom right of the starter relay (pic 1 and 3) then the machine will get power even with the key in the off position.  I'm bypassing something but don't know what. I can use my right hand to hold the wire against the lower right of the starter relay, reach over and hold the brake with my foot, then take my left hand and turn the key and it will crank. As soon as I remove the wire from the relay the machine shuts down. I have even removed the power distributor box and it will still get power when I touch the wire to the relay. Of course this is not the way it should work but if I can't solve this problem somehow I may just have to rig a connector to the relay and bypass whatever is causing the electrical issue. Massimo has told me the purple/black wires on my model are not used.
      Any help in figuring what my problem may be or other items I can try?

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      Has anyone found a good source to purchase quality injectors for the Coleman Outfitter 550 ?  I've used Motorcycle Doctor on eBay in the past but havent had to purchase one in almost 2 yrs now. Mine was running a bit rough at idle and dying sometimes so I had two that I had cleaned and tested at an injector shop. Put one in that had the best performance curve and it ran worse. Pulled it and installed the other one and couldn't even get the engine to start so I put the old one back in. Its running ok now, just want to get a new one to install 
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      Hey Guys, I have been chasing a stalling condition for about two weeks now. The bike will crank up and idle fine, then after about 20 seconds it will fall on its face and stall. It happens at both idle and while running at various rpms. You can turn the key off, turn it back on and it will fire right back up without trouble. I have verified spark on both cylinders with a spark tester. I have also added an inline fuel filter, and pulled the injectors to verify proper pulse on each. Things I have replaced - (relearn procedure performed after each component replaced): spark plugs, ECU, relay/fuse box, fuel pump, & throttle position sensor - all with no improvement of the condition. The only warning light I get when the condition occurs is the oil lamp. The bike only has 14 miles. I am at a loss and appreciate any help and suggestions! Thanks
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      Just wondering if anyone else has ideas of other options new or used that would fit this?  I really like my trailer and it will be great to use behind the UTV also when i get it so i hate to have to get something different.
      Thank you!
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