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Yes I'm an't dead yet, soory I didn't see you message. I have the injectors I bought from Lenny, I was trying them but I guess I couldn't get the fuel pressue right because the engine would start with them in. If you are still intrested let me know I'll sell them for 80.00 although Lenny charged me 500.00. LOL

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Guest Lenny

Hey, your a cop. Your setting a bad example. :P Did you ever get yourt waste gate figured out. I still think that is where the problem is. I think it's allowinig you to get into an over boost problem.


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Guest Lenny

Lenny I did get the over boost problem fixed with a boost regulator, now it stops at about 8 psi but it will still try to over heat if I run fast for a while. As for stting a bad example thats is the way we have to roll. LOL

Your over heating can be taken care of by going to a larger radiator or at least a larger fan. I use both. My fan came from Ebay and is a 3000 cfm unit which is a lot more air then stock. My trooper over heated easily when totally stock. Did fine unless I ran it a bit hard for a while, just like your getting. Some owners don't have heating problems and others do. Maybe it's the cleanlyness of the inside of the block casting. Some just may allow a more free flow of coolant. Also you may want to space your fan farther from the radiator itself. Their cowling extends close to the radiator and blocks the corners of the radiator from getting air flow. I also moved the radiator back up against the vertical frame bars and put the fan on the inside. You get a bit better cooling if you are pushing the air thru the radiator rather then sucking it thru.


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