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2005 Mule 610 Ignition Problem


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Greetings - Have 2005 Mule 610 that will no longer start. Had previous ignition problem where mule would not turn off. Found broken wire on coil and replaced coil with new one. Also cleaned the carburetor and jets, cleaned the rotor and stator and reset the valves all per specs in the shop manual. Starter motor is also as new. Compression is 85psi..seems perfect. After all this, I did get the mule to start up once or twice after putting gas in the sparkplug hole. New plug also...now nothing happens except the occasional backfire. Checked regulator etc. all check OK, all new relays, fuel and pump are good...at a loss as what to do next. Kawasaki in Panama is worthless...better to try myself. Any advice on what I'm doing wrong or where to start over. Ran fine before, not now. Thanks, Thijs

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Greetings Data 89. If the 600 model has a similar coil/magnet unit which sits above the rotor plate...it should have a wire going to the spark plug and a small (black) wire going to ignition ground. If that wire is broken, the ground will not turn off the ignition. Thijs, 6862-8400.

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Thanks tnvans;

We went at it yesterday afternoon. Made sure the ignition sw was good. Traced the wire from ignition to the coil. I disconnected the wire from the coil and tested it to ground and the wire from ignition to ground and both were grounded. But to get at the coil is a job and a half. Did you get your coil in Panama? I don't see any other way to interrupt the circuit with a sw to bypass the problem either. Kawasaki.com has parts diagrams but no wiring diagrams, though it's a pretty simple circuit and it would seem like the coil must be the problem.

Regarding your starting problem. I have an 2005 Arctic Cat with a Kawasaki engine. All of a sudden, once, it wouldn't start. There was a clear vent hose coming up from the engine that lies just under my removable storage box (where I would be able to change the air filter), and mud wasps had packed it full. I cleaned that out and everything was good. But I have to keep an eye on it. With all the plastic on this ATV I never followed the hose to it's source, so I don't know where it went. From what I could see, it looked like it went to the carb. On the Mule, I see a lot of vent hoses, maybe one of them on yours is closed off? Or your fuel pump isn't working.

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