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2008 3010 Diesel Mule has developed a miss

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Have a 2008 3010 with 860 hours that has started to miss. Idles OK but starts to run rough when you bring it up off idle into mid range rpms while in neutral. Also runs a little rough under power. I did change the fuel filter and ran some injector cleaner after it started to miss. But it still misses. It also has fresh air filter. Bought Mule new and the Kawasaki diesel has always run like a top.

We have horses and use the Mule daily for chores. I know gas engines pretty well but am weak on diesel. Any thoughts. Is there a good service manual available for the engine?

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I've got an 05 mule. The service manual is very thorough. But the troubleshooting section might not cover everything. I think yours likely has an ecm, I hope that's not the problem. My thought would be an injector being clogged.

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