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UTV Portal Box's - Gearbox information for RZR-Can-Am UTV's.

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I have seen a few variations of the new Gear Reduction Box's Has anyone tried the new UTV Solutions Gear Reduction box's or portal box as some say. From what I am seeing the GRB provides 4” of lift by moving the axle centerline upwards by 4” at the wheel hub, allowing for greater ground clearance under the axle center. By moving the axle centerline, we’re able to maintain factory positions and angle measurements on the upper and lower control arms, Axle shafts, and tie rods.

The GRB also provides a wider stance, adding approximately 3” to each side. The wider stance allows you to go over or around the well-beaten path left by other UTVs and ATVs




Click here for full information on the polaris gear reduction box - portal boxes for rzr - can-am-yamaha-honda utv's!!

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Yes that price would be for the RZR 570. If we could get our hands on a Joyner it wouldn't be that hard to make a box for them as well. We would just need to know spline count on the axle and caliper mounts for it. I would think it would be that much more for it just time and effort. I never knew there was such a demand for custom Joyners out there...

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