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Hello Folks

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Welcome, you are #2...LOL Looks like a cool place, we'll see....Lets' go UTV riders!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • By ruffhunter
      Hi this my first post here.. I've got a 2009 joyner renegade that after it sits for an hour or two it takes forever ( like 10-20 min of cranking with full throttle)to start but once it starts it runs fine until you let it sit I've checked fuel and fuel pressure, spark and spark plugs I'm thinking it must be some kind of sensor I'm hoping someone on here can help.. thanks
    • By noblet
      Looking to get into a UTV, having said that I have been doing some research on the trooper. Have many questions already answered, but need the reassurance. I am a firm believer in you get what you pay for, but you can buy a lemon every day of the week.....from anyone. The looks of the trooper are eye catching, the motor sounds like it has potential. The lockers don't sound very good nor does the diff's. Are these a capable 4X4 or do they belong in the desert with the buggy's. Is the manual tranny worth it, or do you wish you had a low gear in the transfer case for bigger rubber. I am not into going 100 miles an hour. How nimble are they in the bush? I like my hunting in the great white north.....as in Canada:)
      This is what i am thinking of.
      T2 trooper, new cam grind for torque, tuner, 31" silver backs, clutch upgrade.... to start with.
      My knowledge of mechanics is moderate and I do enjoy my garage. So I am not worried about have to maintain this machine as all of them need TLC.
      Would like honest answers and no salesman crap. Let me know what you all think.
    • By Mopartist
      With the summer 2011 Jamboree coming up; I thought it might be a good idea to get to know one another a little better, So how about some pics of ourselves and include name and message board handles. It'd be nice to show up at the Jamboree and kinda have an idea of who's who; don't ya think? Ill be glad to start this one off

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