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Make your Rhino last through the season, toughen it up with a performance built, K&N High-Flow Filter…

YAMAHA YXR700 Rhino Fuel-Injected 4X4 and 4X4 Sport Edition Side by Sides. K&N delivers the same high-flow technology in every filter manufactured. Designed to fit specifically into your OE Air Box

Assembly, this New OE Replacement, High-Flow filter is performance [...]

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    • By KBM
      The gauge cluster has power and works but the tach does not. All fuses are good so I don't know if it is the gauge problem or some other electrical problem. Anyone have any thoughts on what it might be? KBM
    • By ahess
      This UTV was purchased in 2007 it has a low 105 hours on it. This UTV has always been adult driven and never used in the mud. It has always been used as a cruiser and never as a work horse. This Polaris has a few genuine accessories that were dealer installed such as the poly roof, poly windshield and rear view mirror. The utv is all original with no mods. This garage kept UTV has no issues and is like new. If you would like additional photos or if you have any questions please e-mail me at [email protected]

    • By Andrew Jake Bryant
      Thanks for stopping by. I live out in the country and wanted to get a good Side By Side to get around my land and the local township I live in. I picked up a '23 bobcat UV34XL (Gas), and I hope I don't bug anyone with all the Questions that I will/may have.. I look forward to reading and having conversations with everyone. 

    • By Buss
      Third voltage regulator on this unit. Purchased from Lowes in FEB of 2022.  
      At that time, I was not using a battery tender. Garage kept and would start it up and use around the yard and weekends at the hunt club property. While using in the yard, let it idle while collecting leaves, etc.  while driving. unit cut off. Jumped started unit and recharged battery and checked for output voltage reading at battery. 12.3 and no change at 1k rpms. on 6/13/22 took unit to Authorized Dealer for 1st oil and filter change/ lube job along with possible Warranty Claim Work for a no charging issue. Dealer checked Battery which was, ok and replaced voltage regulator. (Listed action not part number on invoice ($140 for part). Dealer absorbed warranty claim cost until HISUN would pay the dealer. All was well.
      10/19/22: previous weekend at the hunting property, the damn thing would not re-start......deep in the woods...... luckily, I had brought a battery source to jump if needed. This saved me. when back home ordered a regulator from eBay and replaced the faulty one that was the original one. Found this with additional investigating and pics taken prior to the dealer having the unit for the issue.
      7/9/23: well seems the unit is need of another rectifier.  Not charging the battery. had not been using a battery tender but will use it going forward. seems if the battery goes down the charging system will not bring it back, the charging system is there to maintain the battery voltage.
      I usually do not run the stock light during the day and rarely use the unit at night. Did add a 32" LED light bar, but have it switched and have rarely used that up to now.  When I replaced the second regulator and checked the voltage output, it was showing 14.0 volts at 1K RPMs and ran well.   I am hoping the third one will be a charm and that using a batter tender will keep it all happy and work as intended.
      Please feel free to comment, add to this string or give advice from your experience in this area.  I am using a downloaded manual for the HISUN 700  
    • By HookSet
      Can anyone help me find the starter relay on my 2014 mule 4010?  The book I have says it is under the dash, but the pictures in the book seem to be by the fuses under the seat.  Either way when I turn the key to start the starter circuit relay engages but the starter doesn't do anything.  I want to check that relay before going to the starter.
      One thing I noticed is the positive battery cable goes directly to the starter, so I wonder if this year doesn't have this second relay.  There is a signal wire to the starter I assume from the starter circuit relay which is driven off the key switch.  
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