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Glamis North KOA - Vet day announcement


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Where ACTION and LUXURY Camping converge. . . .


- Night-Golf event starting at 7pm

- Daylight event starting at 1pm

- Bring your 6, 7, 8 irons

- Prizes for winners based on best ball

- Entry fee of $10.00

All events on our famous desert course.

Sassy’s Outback Café is now [...]

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    • By BOW4UM
      Live in GA, hunt in KS and I picked up a 2017 Massimo MSU500 and so far just love this thing. I'm lightly customizing it now. Definitely better than my old Grizzly 660 for my current KS hunting.
      Ill be picking your brains for info so thanks in advance to you pros for all your help and advice.
    • By dorough
      I just bought a Buck 450X... right before discovering this board and reading a lot of not-so-good posts. But I hope I'm right when I believe that the squeaky wheel gets the grease, and surely there must be plenty of happy Massimo owners out there and I don't need to return my new toy to Lowe's.
      So... if you own a Massimo and like it, I'd love to hear from you! Please let me know what you like and enjoy about it and if you've had only minor or no issues - compared to other posts I've read.
    • By T-boss 410
      When I start this UTV, the starter seems to bind up, then it takes off and the engine starts right up. I charged the battery, and tightened the terminals. This is a new unit. The battery is a 330 cca unit. The terminals were clean, but I haven't checked the wires at the starter. Any ideas?
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    • By Val in southern NM
      Brand new UTV owner.  I've been driving a Polaris Sportsman 500 for a few years.  We bought a Coleman Outfitter 400 a week ago today, and still trying to figure it out.  Would really like to find a repair manual for it, if anybody can point me in the right direction.  Our ATV/UTV are primarily to make life easier for us on our small horse place, but now that we have a SXS, we look forward to exploring some of the smaller back roads together.  My husband is the mechanic of the family, and found that a repair manual REALLY helped after we bought the VERY well used Polaris a few years ago.
      We have the owner's manual, but the nearest place that might provide warranty work/repairs is a two hour drive from here, best we can figure out, so an actual repair/service manual will be really helpful, especially once the warranty is up.
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    • By Rustynutzz
      Greetings all!  
      Purchased a 2021 T-Boss X-Golf 550 about three weeks ago and am having a blast with this thing!  It's a very capable and well built machine. 
      I've put 30 hours and 400 miles on it so far.  I've really put it through its paces too.  Been tearing around the sand dunes, climbing very considerable hills with no problem, tore through some light mud and even hauled around a couple adults around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights!
      Did my after break-in service and am using Lucas oil for oil changes and differential changes.  The manual calls for 15w40 but couldn't find any so after speaking to Massimo the said 10w40 Lucas atv oil was fine.
      Anyhow, I've done the "cooling fan jumper wire" mod almost right away.  I've also installed an overhead stereo system that looks like it belongs in there stock along with some LED's.  I have an underglow kit and light bar I'll be adding during the Christmas break so I'll add pics once those are installed.  
      Here's a link to the overhead speaker box if anyone is interested.  I can take better pics if interested in how I mounted it.




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