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Dylan Motorsports Polaris Ranger Skid Plate System offers six levels of protection that you can choose from. Dylan Motorsports Skid Plate System also allows for access to vital hardware when needed. Our kit is made of the highest quality lightweight aircraft aluminum. The main undercarriage guard provides the protection needed while allowing for air flow to the radiator. It is made from one piece of sheet aluminum that provides rigidity with only one hole for accessing the oil plug. A rear differential skid plate completes the undercarriage protection package. A winch cover finishes out the look of the fully outfitted vehicle!

A vented differential guard allows the exhaust to pass through while protecting the muffler and brake lines The A-Arm Guards offer protection to the brake lines, the drive lines and the CV joints. The Guards are engineered for full A-Arm movement so no mobility is lost. Rear Guards offer protection from obstacles while backing up or from getting snagged by rising debris. An under-bed protection plate made of single aluminum plate provides added protection from heat and rocks that can damage your vehicle while providing an easy cleaning surface as well. Our innovative floor boards offer the traction necessary in multiple directions for the driver and passenger when entering and exiting the vehicle. These floor boards are great for the moment when you need that unexpected traction as well!

Total Kit price $970.00

See our website for more details.









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